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Happiness is a huge word that can often be very intimidating. Especially if everyone around is saying that they are “happy” and you feel you are not. People often look to others often think it is an individual or things that bring happiness. However, we have come to understand that happiness has a lot more science to it. You can create the feeling of happiness for yourself at will. You can go one step further and make happiness your new habit. Always to be happy no longer as to be elusive of you.

Fulfillment starts with knowing what you want and then discovering what you need. Isolating your actual needs and learning how to meet them puts being fulfilled in your control and not anyone else.
Understand that what is fulfilling for you today may not be next month or next year. That does not make you a person who is hard to please, rather see it as a point that identifies you as an individual who is evolving because you are evolutionary.

Change is very possible, embraceable, enjoyable and doable. I have just used a labeling technique with you. Let me teach you that and other techniques that will have you reaching for change as your Ace in a card game. The ability to see change as your best friend and not a foe will help you create the evolutionary lifestyle you want to live.

What does balance look like? Everyone has an interpretation of what balance should be, someone out there has been ready to tell you what your balance should be. You spend too much time working; you don’t go outside enough, you don’t eat well enough.
If all of that causes you confusion and stress it is time to find what balance means to you?
Can you answer these questions
Do you know how to discover it, then implement it?
Do you know how to measure if that balance is right for you today?
There is no need to feel like a nomad in search of balance because balance exists for you. You will learn how to formulate the balance that will revolutionize your life.

The journey of life is empirical in nature meaning that every moment and every experience is an opportunity to grow. Growth requires expansion, which is never easy for us. When we are expanding it demands we stretch that pulls on emotional and mental muscles. When this happens, we often find out things about ourselves that can surprise and even cause trauma.
I have had these experiences as I have journeyed through life seeking to be all that was in my heart to be. I bring this empathy into every coaching session, and it has helped me to build a toolkit that will allow you to choose the speed at which you want to learn from life or change it. The power of choice is always in your hands.
You will learn that choices begin with thoughts, so lasting change and personal evolution begins within the neural pathway of your mind. This why my coaching frameworks utilize neuroscience.
As a coach, my goal is to help you discover and implement. There are steps we have to take to arrive at this goal, but you will always have the option with Evolutionary Private Coaching to design the path that best suits you.
Your life is your greatest treasure and the most exclusive gift you can share with others. Live it intentionally and experience the beautiful gift that your life was best to be. As your coach, I believe your life is worth my investment of time and expertise. What is your life worth to you?

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We have lots methods to support your evolutionary journey


Support will be provided virtually through Facebook to allow you access to tips and support throughout the week between your coaching sessions. You will be able to ask the questions that you have been stumbling over that week. Lizzy wants your evolutionary journey to be supported.

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Lizzy will be sharing articles, vlogs and videos to help you educate yourself on ways to expand and implement your desired change as your process of evolution continues.

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1 to 1 coaching

Lizzy will offer group webinar style coaching around certain generalized topics. Evolutionary private coaching is primarily is designed for one to one coaching. Elite VPs will have the option of three in-person coaching sessions with Lizzy. Each session Lizzy will teach you how to be fully present so that you can intentional engage your choices and actions of change to be truly evolutionary.

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Online Coaching

All coaching unless specified otherwise will be held virtually on- line through a secure platform, that will supports face to face conversations. This tool allows for the coaching to be delivered and actualized virtually between time zones and continents. This enables the team to keep costs low make these services available to diverse demographics.

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There will be a library of videos that will support the coaching process with teaching, empowerment, and tips that will expand the knowledge of your evolutionary journey to the next evolution of you.

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Books & Digital Content

Suggested books and written support materials and digital audios will be available to download on your coaching journey. Each product will provide you thought guides to empower choices and continued improvement.

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