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Lizzy Morris Evolutionary Start Conference

“For years I have encountered entrepreneurs who have had unrealized dreams. I have created The Evolutionary Start™ Workshop to help people to truly unleash their full potential. I am on a mission to help all dreamers reactivate their confidence and prepare for a fulfilling career and life.”


Change Agent and Evolutionary Growth Strategist, Lizzy Morris, will present the The Evolutionary Start™ Conference empowering high performing entrepreneurs, aspiring coaching professionals and corporate leaders to propel their businesses and careers to the highest level. During the full day conference, Lizzy Morris will assist attendees in creating a 12 month action plan to successfully work toward their dreams.

  • Scrum Alliance Members: This course will include objective module under CSPO objectives and will be worth 10 Scrum Education Units (SEUs).


Attendees will discover key characteristics on how to distinguish themselves from the crowd by honing in on their skills and talents.

Attendees will leave with tools, tips and strategies on becoming successful entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, and more.

She will use a hands on approach to teach attendees:

  • The Idea For Your Life
  • The Vision For Your Life
  • Planning Your Life
  • Plans & The Art of Reflection
  • Inspection & Adaptation
  • The Release Plan
  • The Sprint Plan
  • Accountability

This course is intended for those who desire to take their life and their career to the next level. The class is taught in a learning format that is hands-on, experiential and Socratic. Attendees will utilize a variety of exercises, activities, discussions and techniques to help them identify meaningful goals and think like a product owner for their life. This course is meant to give students the keys to unlock the strategies to achieve their best life.

***Lunch is included with your course. At checkout please identify any food allergies, food prepared by the venue establishment may contain wheat, shellfish. eggs, soy, nuts or dairy products***

Pre-Register today: $477 • Atlanta, GA • January 20, 2018 @ 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST






The Evolutionary Breakthrough

Live The Life Your Deserve.
A live full day event with Lizzy Morris.

During the Evolutionary Breakthrough you will

  • Discover The Most Effective Strategies To Break Barriers
  • Unlock Ways To Create The Quality of Life You Desire
  • Discover The Best Ways To Set and Quickly Accomplish Goals
  • Experience Evolutionary Personal Development and Growth
  • Finally Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Create new, productive strategies and eliminate behaviors and patterns that aren’t working for you.
  • Discover new tools for creating success in all aspects of your life
  • Take Control of the Mental Blocks you Create
  • Help your Mind and Body Work Together in Concert to Achieve Your Greatest Aspirations.

The main goal of The Evolutionary Breakthrough is to swiftly develop the knowledge and skills of all attendees in order to produce permanent change and break through your boundaries. Neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques and hypnotherapy are extremely powerful tools. Lizzy will assist in unlocking your secrets to reach your full self potential.

Investment $997 • Atlanta, GA • October 20, 2018






The Evolutionary Accelerator

Create Your Best Tomorrow.
During The Evolutionary Accelerator You Will:

  • Cultivate a more precise knowledge of what drives you
  • Gain understanding of your internal programming, attitudes, values, and beliefs
  • Discover how to fine-tune the conscious and unconscious powers that drive you.
  • Identify the dreams of your life, career, financial affairs, and relationships.
  • Discover the most effective strategies to break barriers
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs.
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Become a Natural Leader

This is your moment to focus your consciousness on developing your evolutionary growth mindset. Come and discover the path to becoming the creator of your future.